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The OSCAR Story

OSCAR was developed by a classroom teacher and an educational technologist who saw a need to have access to the detailed data analysis on local assessments that normally is reserved to high-stakes state testing. The idea was to create a culture of academic accountability without turning the teachers into accountants in the process.

Starting in 2003, the first OSCAR school tested online, providing teachers with real-time feedback on how well prepared their students were for the upcoming state assessments. With detailed analysis now available immediately after test administration, teachers were able to fine-tune their instruction to address the gaps in student knowledge without having to cram a year's worth of content into the last month before testing. Test scores improved and the district was able to make full state accreditation as a result of the assessment model they had adopted; the speed and accuracy with which OSCAR operated was crucial to supporting this successful effort.

Based on the initial successes with schools making AYP, within a year, several school districts had adopted the reporting solution for their standards-based assessments. Not only did OSCAR dramatically reduce the amount of time that teachers and school leaders spent administering tests and analyzing the results, but plans were made to expand OSCAR to process traditional paper tests as well, removing the technical barriers that online testing can create.

In 2005, OSCAR scanners went into action and began processing all benchmark tests, exams and final exams for over 16,000 students across 21 schools; within a matter of minutes, teachers and school leaders were able to access detailed information about their school's performance on any number of assessments. No testing forms, testing scanners or extensive professional development was required - OSCAR test printed on regular paper, scanned on the district's multi-function copiers and could score hundreds of tests in a single afternoon.

In 2010, OSCARSchool.net partnered with one school district to develop a professional teaching community , centered around standards-based school improvement and locally aligned assessments; we invite you to see firsthand the success that an teachers in a OSCAR school can look forward to.

Currently OSCAR systems are in use in several K-12 public schools throughout the Mid-Atlantic region and is expanding it's services to private and charter schools throughout the area.

About Us

The team at OSCARSchool.net is dedicated to being a regional leader in the field of local assessment for continuous school improvement. We have nearly 10 years of experience helping schools leverage their technology and curricular resources to establish assessment monitoring systems and develop partnerships for improving academic performance.

OSCAR team members have consulted with school leaders to develop customized solutions for their school improvement planning - OSCAR is the cornerstone to any school district's effort to create clear, consistent academic measures that can be maintained with little additional staffing costs or professional development.

Contact us and let us know what it is you're trying to discover within your test data and we'll help build your vision.

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  • Focused on local, authentic and sustainable assessment practices
  • Using data to drive continuous school improvement
  • Aligning their curriculum with their school-specific instructional goals
  • Improving student performance on state testing through local standardized and formative assessment.


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