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OSCAR is not a one-size-fits-all approach to testing that provides merely a turn-key solution - OSCAR is a system that conforms to your school's assessment needs.

Solution Pricing

Pricing is generally determined by the scope and volume of assessments being administered by OSCAR. Cost is determined by a combination of factors which include:

  • Number of Buildings Participating in Testing
  • Number of Students Participating in Testing
  • Number of Courses being Assessed
  • Application Hosting On-site or Off-Site

Pricing solutions are determined on a per-school/per-pupil basis and are billed annually. A discount is given to all customers when renewing an existing OSCARSchool account.

EXAMPLE PRICING: Unlimited Testing Package STANDARD*

  • Schools with enrollment 1 to 500 - $8 per student , minimum of $2000-per-school
  • Schools with enrollment 501 to 1000 - $8 per student up to 500, $6 per student thereafter
  • Schools with enrollment 1001 or more - $8 per student up to 500, $5 per student thereafter

*Clients can test up to 24 courses with an unlimited number of assessments. Clients wishing to exceed 24 tested courses per school can purchase additional testing licenses on a course-by-course basis.


Contact our consulting team today to learn more about our solution pricing.

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To improve the quality of our response, please be sure to mention:

  • The number of schools interested in using OSCAR
  • The approximate student enrollment at those schools
  • The number of courses that you are interested in assessing; e.g. 3rd Grade Reading or 8th Grade Pre-Algebra.
  • Whether you are interested in hosting OSCAR on your computer network or having OSCAR hosted offsite by our technical team.

Application & Hosting Costs

For clients interested in hosting OSCAR on-site, please see the Technical Overview for a detailed description of the server requirements. Components needed to run OSCAR include:

  • Windows Server running IIS6 or better *
  • MS-SQL Server 2005 or 2008*
  • Windows 2003 (32-bit ) to run scanner management software
  • Persits ASPPDF/ single-server license - http://www.asppdf.com/

*SQL can run on the same server as the IIS installation

Off-Site hosting is based on an annual service fee that correlates to the bandwidth and storage-space your school will need to conduct a year's worth of testing. Typically these costs are calculated on annual basis and depend on the size of your school or school district.

Training and Professional Development

Basic training is provided to your school support staff during the implementation phase; we'll have your team of testing experts up to speed in no time at all.

On-site professional development by one of our trained assessment specialists can be contracted on a per-day basis depending on the needs of your school. Typical costs range between $350 to $900 per-day plus travel, depending on the size of your group; half-day sessions are also available.

Support is always available! At any time you can contact our school-support team and we'll be able to help your staff with whatever questions or issues they may have.


  • Focused on local, authentic and sustainable assessment practices
  • Using data to drive continuous school improvement
  • Aligning their curriculum with their school-specific instructional goals
  • Improving student performance on state testing through local standardized and formative assessment.


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